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HE/CoE Guidance for Best Practice for Treatment of Human Remains Excavated from Christian Burial Grounds in England (2017)

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New guidelines produced by APABE on sampling of cemeteries in archaeological fieldwork projects are now available.


Large Burial Grounds New guidelines

Guidelines produced by APABE on the destructive sampling of archaeological human remains are also available.


Science and the Dead APABE guidelines

Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Burials in England (APABE)

A consultation carried out by The Church of England, Historic England and the Ministry of Justice indicated a clear need for a single source of advice covering archaeological burials in England. These organisations have therefore taken a decision to form and support the Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Burials in England (APABE). This panel will act as a unified source of advice covering all burials in England over 100 years old. APABE will succeed and replace an earlier panel, the Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Christian Burials in England (APACBE), set up in 2005.

The aim of APABE is to support professionals and others in interpreting the guidance documents issued in 2005 by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and by Historic England and the Church of England, by the provision of casework advice on any aspect of archaeological burials, and to produce new guidance where necessary. The objective is to foster a consistent approach to ethical, legal, scientific, archaeological and other issues surrounding the treatment of archaeological burials. The panel is an advisory not a decision-making body.

APABE will either give advice itself or refer the enquirer to the relevant expert organisations or individuals. The advice is free and open to all, and will be made public on this website. Enquirers are encouraged to use electronic means of communication.



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